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The third member of the Sporades Islands, Alonissos is also the name of a village on the island.

Alonissos is surrounded by 25 uninhabited islets which make up the National Marine Park, established in 1992 to protect the Mediterranean Monk Seals that live here.

During your holidays in Alonissos you will notice that the island is still quite untouched by tourism. The beauty of the island is due to the dense pine forests that cover most of the island. Alonissos is blessed with natural beauty and amazing beaches. Because of the richness of the soil and the perfect mild climate, you will find a wide range of herbs growing in Alonissos, which is why the island is the centre for the International Academy of Classic Homeopathy.

Patitiri means winepress in Greek, but due to a devastating bug named Phylloxera, which eats the roots, the vines were destroyed during the 60’s. It is still not possible to grow grapes in Alonissos. Patitiri is the main harbour of the island and despite that, the beaches here are crystal clear and ideal for swimming. Patitiri boasts a wide selection of tavernas, restaurant, bars and clubs as well as many gift shops.

Chora was the capital of the island until the earthquake of 1965, which saw many of the locals moving down to Patitiri. Following the earthquake, many of the properties were bought by foreigners, and now this small village has become one of the best parts of the island to visit, due to its tavernas, shops and amazing sunset, as well as an old world charm.

Rousum Yialos is a 7 minute walk from the centre of Patriti. Rousum derives from the Turkish word Rousoum, which means tax. This was the port where wine was shipped from the Island during the Ottoman rule and tax was collected by the Turks.

A 20 minute walk away from Patitri, you will find the small harbour of Votsi. Due to the growing villages, Votsi has joined with Patriti and Rousum Yialos to create the municipality of Alonissos. There is no shopping centre in Votsi, so it has become quite a lively harbour with a great selection of tavernas.

Psathouria is a small flat islet off the coast of Alonissos which boasts the remains of an ancient city beneath the Aegean Sea to its east. The area around Skopelos, Alonissos and the Marine Park has the second largest concentration of shipwrecks in the world. The finds here are spectacular and are accessible for experienced divers.

The National Marine Park is one of the best preserved marine ecosystems found in the Mediterranean, and can be explored by boat cruises or by diving.

The Marine Park is made up of the many islets that scatter the crystalline seas that surround Volos. Six islands (Peristera, Kyra Panagia, Gioura, Skantzoura and Piperi) as well as 22 uninhabited islets and rocky outcrops. There are restrictions on fishing in the area as well as the requirement of a special permit to approach certain islands in the zone.

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