Description for Skiathos

Skiathos History and Culture

  • The Evangelistra monastery, constructed by Monks from Mount Athos, during the Byzantine period (1790—1860) is situated in the lush landscapes that is signature to Skiathos. Here you will find a museum that holds several artefacts from the centuries gone by that will give you a true insight into the Orthodox Church. Also, the museum holds the largest collection of antique musical instruments from all over the world, so don’t miss it during your holidays in Skiathos. The thing that makes this monastery so important to the Greek history is that this is the place where the Greek flag, as it’s recognized was first sewn and raised.
  • Kastro is the Old Town of Skiathos, where the locals fled to after centuries of attacks from pirates. To this day you can see the remains of the old buildings and make out the old streets where a whole community lived. The views from the tip of Kastro are breathtaking, and well worth the long walk it takes to get there. Today remains three churches which are used for important celebrations in the Orthodox Calendar.
  • The Bourtzi is a Venetian Fortress built in 1207 by the Gizzi Brothers after they captured Skiathos. A beautiful building which now has become the heart of Skiathos and commands some of the most spectacular views of Skiathos Town. Concerts and exhibitions are regularly held here.
  • Alexandros Papadiamantis (1851 – 1911) is a much-loved writer from Skiathos who is responsible for some very important works of literature in Modern Greek. His old home is now a museum dedicated to his life and works. It also gives a clear insight into building style and home life during the turn of the last century. You also have the opportunity here to purchase some of his works in various languages in the basement shop. 2011 marks 100 years since his death, and many activities have been organised to celebrate his life.
  • The Katsoni War Memorial honours those who perished on September 14th 1943 on board the Greek submarine Katsonis. The Submarine was in its way back to Thessaloniki following a mission in Evia when it encountered a German warship just off the north coast of Skiathos. The warship opened fire and as the submarine started to sink, the Greeks kept firing until the end. 15 men were captured by the German warship, and many others perished, including the captain Vasilis Laskou. Three men managed to swim to safety to Skiathos. Every year, as a rule on the Sunday closest to the 14th September, the event is remembered with a service at the main church. The names of the dead are called out during the service. For a few days around this time a submarine docks just off the harbour.

Skiathos Beaches

Of course you cannot mention Skiathos without talking about the beaches. With over 60 beaches on the island, there are plenty to choose from during your holidays in Skiathos. Some are more popular than others, but all are beautiful. Here’s a few to get you started…

  • Megali Ammos is known as the “town beach” by many. Very popular with those staying in town, the long stretch of sandy beach does get very busy during the high season. It has plenty of tavernas and bars, as well as water sports available.
  • Achladies Beach, is a beautiful beach with striking views. It has a host of tavernas which offer traditional Greek dishes. From close to the Esperides Hotel, you can also catch a water taxi to Skiathos Town.
  • Kanapitsa boasts some amazing views as well as crystal clear waters, an ideal spot for snorkelling and water sports. Also available are Diving Lessons at the Skiathos Diving Centre.
  • Koutsouri, also known as Diamandi, is a stunning beach, slightly off the beaten track, which means that it never becomes too busy. It has a friendly little taverna for you to indulge in once you make it down there.
  • Vromolimnos Beach is a very popular beach with all tourists. Surrounded by lush green vegetation, it is a great place to spend your day.
  • A beautiful beach that never seems to get that busy, although it’s so easy to get to, Kolios Beach is a great place for families, and snorkelling is a must!
  • With its long strip of sandy beach as well as a steady decline into the sea, Aghia Paraskevi Beach is ideal for families. Another beach where you can try out water sports, before taking a snack at one of its bars or tavernas.
  • Troulos Beach, another popular beach due to its sandy beach and slow decline into the sea. Here you will find tavernas as well as water sports. Enjoy the magnificent views here.
  • Possibly the most famous beach on the island, voted best beach in the Mediterranean, Koukounaries Beach is stunning! Although, because of its popularity it does get very crowded, but when you are on holidays in Skiathos you must come here at least once to take in the natural beauty of the beach.
  • The Island’s nudist beach, Banana Beach or Krassa as it’s also called, got its name due to the curve of the sandy stretch of beach as well as the pale yellow colour of it’s sand. Very popular beach due partly to its stunning views.
  • Aghia Eleni is a beautiful beach with, what some would say, the best sunsets in Skiathos, possibly even Greece. It is an amazing place to spend your day, sampling water sports, local cuisine or just relaxing on the big pillows of the bar and watching the sunset at the end of the day.
  • Off the beaten track taking you through one of the most scenic routes inland, will take you to Kechria Beach. With its sapphire blue waters and green vegetation, it truly is a fantastic beach. Pack your snorkelling gear, as there is a whole new world to find underwater!
  • One of most famous beaches of Skiathos and accessible only by boat, Lalaria is truly a magical place. The beach is made up entirely of white pebbles. Legend has it if you swim through the archway 3 times, you will gain the secret of eternal youth.

Information was taken also from the book “Exploring Skiathos Town” by Victoria Sandels.